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Slipping, Tripping And Falling Accidents Cause Major Injuries

There are two common misconceptions about tripping and slipping accidents. One is that clumsiness is always the cause of the accident. However, the real cause might be an uneven staircase or unmarked wet floor. The second misconception is that falling down is harmless. In reality, falling may cause immense harm.

If you have tripped or slipped on someone else’s property in New York, you can count on Law Office of Victoria Wickman to help you with a personal injury claim. Ms. Wickman understands how serious a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident can be. She can give you skilled, personalized advice for your recovery.

Property Owners Need To Consider Your Safety

Property hazards that often lead to significant injuries include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Wet or icy flooring without a visible warning
  • Lack of treads, rugs or other traction improvements for frequently slippery surfaces, such as entryways
  • Uneven ground, such as deep cracks, holes or debris
  • Lack of railings on stairs and walkways
  • Exposed wiring that poses a tripping risk

These accidents can occur anywhere, including at construction zones, hotels, stores, apartment complexes, restaurants and in other people’s homes. Whether the accident happened on a commercial or residential property, the owner likely carries insurance for these accidents.

If the property owner had a duty to keep visitors like you safe, but they failed to maintain a safe property, Ms. Wickman will stand by your side. Whether you need to seek damages from an insurer or the owner directly, she knows how to take care of the legal details for you.

The Serious Consequences Of Dangerous Property

Falling accidents can cause concussions and brain damage, spinal fractures, hip fractures and broken bones. Internal bleeding from a fall could cause a life-threatening emergency.

Treating your injuries may require extensive medical care and time away from your daily life, which is why compensation is vital. Alternatively, a fatal accident can lead to a wrongful death lawsuit for the loss of your loved one.

Ms. Wickman can work with you directly on your case. She has dedicated her career to helping clients recover after a serious injury. Her mission is to win full compensation for your financial and physical needs.

Turn To Ms. Wickman After An Injury

Slipping, tripping and falling accidents are serious. You can rely on Ms. Wickman to represent you in your premises liability case. To learn about your options, call 646-741-4588 or email the firm’s office in Manhattan.