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Make Your Voice Heard After Medical Malpractice

When a medical professional makes a mistake, the consequences may be severe. Because of their poor choices, you might be facing a major injury, illness or loss that changes your life forever. You do not have to accept clear errors as just a normal risk of your procedure or condition.

At Law Office of Victoria Wickman, you can put a compassionate, experienced medical malpractice attorney on your side. Ms. Wickman has won significant results for New York clients who have suffered from the errors of their doctors, nurses and surgeons. She will put your recovery first.

Do Not Navigate Serious Medical Errors Alone

Medical malpractice may involve the following problems:

Hospitals, medical groups and their insurers often have legal teams to protect themselves against claims. They may use tactics that discourage patients from speaking out about malpractice.

When medical negligence takes a serious toll, you deserve to have strong support from a lawyer. Ms. Wickman is committed to giving you equal standing against large companies.

Evidence Is Key For Your Case

Proving medical malpractice is always complex. The medical concepts at the core of your case may be complicated. That is why the evidence is critical.

Ms. Wickman has extensive medical knowledge that she uses to examine all evidence, including lab test results, scans, reports and other records. She knows how to explain complex medical subjects in a simple way to help a jury easily understand what happened. In court, she often brings reputable experts who can question whether the medical provider made reasonable or negligent choices.

By creating an evidence-based strategy, Ms. Wickman will stand up for your right to compensation. She will listen to you and help show the full picture of how your medical provider failed you.

Call For Devoted Representation

You can trust Ms. Wickman to make your voice heard after medical malpractice changes your life. She will use the facts to advocate for you. For a free case evaluation, call 646-741-4588 or email the firm in Manhattan today.