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Failure To Diagnose Cancer Puts You At A Significant Risk

For cancer, timing is everything. It is well known that the most effective way to treat cancer is to detect and treat it early. If your doctor wrongfully took this chance away from you, you deserve justice.

When medical malpractice allows cancer to progress, often to a critical stage, Law Office of Victoria Wickman is here for you. Ms. Wickman knows how devastating cancer can be for patients and their families. She is ready to use her legal and medical knowledge to advocate for you.

How Doctors May Fail To Catch Cancer

Common errors that cause a failure to diagnose cancer include:

  • Failing to conduct imaging tests, such as CT scans, MRIs and mammograms
  • Dismissing a tumor as a cyst or a harmless mass without conducting additional diagnostics, such as a biopsy
  • Misreading the results of a scan or test
  • Failing to communicate the results of a scan or test with the patient or their physician
  • Refusing to refer the patient to a specialist when necessary
  • Ignoring breast cancer due to gender

Not every case of cancer misdiagnosis is an example of medical malpractice. Cancer can be difficult to identify sometimes.

However, your doctor should follow standard practices to avoid any delays or errors in diagnosing cancer. If they did not take your symptoms or concerns seriously when they should have, Ms. Wickman can help you with the next steps.

Because Cancer Is Complex, You Need A Thorough Strategy

Once cancer has metastasized, retracing its steps to show that your doctor should have diagnosed it can be difficult. There might be limited evidence. Regardless, you do not have to assume that there is no way to prove malpractice.

Ms. Wickman knows how to use medical records to build your claim. It may be possible to prove that your provider ignored the red flags of cancer – even if the diagnosis occurred much later. She can help you build a strategy to get the compensation you need for your care and other losses.

Learn About Your Options Today

Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis, and you should be able to treat it as soon as possible. Failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner can delay your treatment for months or years. If you believe your provider should have caught cancer sooner, call 646-741-4588 or email Ms. Wickman for a free consultation.