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Birth Trauma Can Lead To A Lifetime Of Consequences

When preparing for a baby to enter the world, parents start imagining what their child’s life will be like. You may expect that a healthy pregnancy will mean a healthy baby. Sadly, an error during the birth could abruptly change your family’s future.

Birth injuries are deeply personal and upsetting. That is why Law Office of Victoria Wickman is ready to give a voice to New York parents. You can depend on Ms. Wickman to devote her attention to your family, using her legal experience to your benefit.

How Serious Mistakes Harm Infants

Birth trauma can occur due to different forms of medical negligence, including:

  • Using excessive force through a forceps or vacuum, which may cause Erb’s palsy
  • Failing to monitor maternal health during pregnancy and labor
  • Failing to recognize and treat fetal distress
  • Inducing labor too early or failing to induce labor when necessary
  • Failing to recommend a cesarean section due to risks

If your baby has a serious condition or disability due to a birth error, you deserve to understand your family’s options. Ms. Wickman will listen to you. With her medical knowledge, she knows how to find evidence of negligence, helping families get the compensation they need to move forward.

Some Errors May Affect Babies’ Brains Permanently

One of the most serious types of birth trauma involves traumatic brain injuries. Brain damage could be a result of a lack of oxygen or internal bleeding. In some cases, brain damage would have been preventable with proper medical care during and after birth.

If brain damage occurs at birth, cerebral palsy may affect your baby’s movement, body functions, eyesight, learning abilities and more. Their injuries might affect the rest of their life, and your child might need significant care throughout their lifetime.

Give Your Family A Path Toward Recovery

If a labor and delivery mistake harmed your child, Ms. Wickman can help you seek full compensation as your lawyer. Compensation can help with the costs of adaptive equipment, special education, surgical treatments, long-term care and other expenses.

She knows how painful birth injuries can be, which is why she will treat your family with care throughout the process. She strives to make medical malpractice lawsuits as easy as possible for families who already face tough challenges.

Ms. Wickman Is Here For You

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