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Delay In Emergency Room Treatment

Delay in emergency room treatment is often a viable grounds for filing suit against a doctor, hospital or other liable parties. Once someone reaches an emergency room, the timing of their care will depend on the severity of the injuries or symptoms presented. Sometimes, a delay in treatment, even a temporary delay, may ultimately kill a patient or cause irreversible medical damage making future treatment options less likely to succeed.

In summary, as soon as a patient arrives at any given emergency room, they should be quickly evaluated for symptoms and injuries to determine the seriousness of their medical problems. Medical professionals are specifically trained to identify cases requiring immediate attention and take definitive action in treating the patient. Failure to do so, otherwise known as delayed treatment or delayed diagnosis leading to delayed treatment, can be grounds for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, most likely the hospital where the emergency room facility is located, and in certain instances, the attending physicians or other doctors involved in the case. When considering whether your specific delay of treatment in the ER constitutes grounds for filing a lawsuit, having the insight and advice of legal counsel is important. Delay of treatment lawsuits are based exclusively on the individual nature of each patient’s case, including arrival time, symptoms expressed, initial evaluations by medical professionals, treatment ultimately received and the outcome of the case.