When you walk with Ms. Wickman, you never walk alone.


“Victoria and her team have proven that lawyers can be kind and genuinely care about the best interest of others. My case was rejected by two other giant law firms before I came to Victoria. I appreciate that she was listening to my story in disbelief and was genuinely outraged. I especially appreciate that it was not only a case for her but an opportunity to show her empathy and ensure that justice was distributed fairly.
Needless to say, she won my case by fighting relentlessly for over 2 years. Her team was always aware of my case’s development, so they can always answer my questions and provide me with updates promptly.
I definitely recommend the Law Office of Victoria Wickman for all your medical malpractice lawsuits.”

Sasharee G

“Victoria, you and your staff have helped my husband and I through a very difficult time in our lives. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness, guidance and steadfast commitment in getting the best resolution for us. Your future clients will be fortunate to have such a worthy advocate.”

Our blessings always.
With gratitude and appreciation.


“My Dear Mrs. Wickman,

I need to thank you for the exceptionally wonderful work you did in helping me to receive a settlement, for wrongful surgical negligence by my doctor. The time I spent with you in court, is filled with pure admiration and respect, the way you presented my case to the court. It was genuine, sincere, filled with concern for your client. I can’t (neither can my family) ever forget your kindness and the FIRE you have in you to make things right for your clients when they’ve been wronged.

Every client should feel as comfortable and trustworthy of their lawyer as I feel about you. I truly appreciated that in you. You showed kindness, personal interest in me, my family, my life, my beliefs. May the Almighty God Jehovah bless you and protect you always, and may you continue to fight for people like me. It certainly is a pleasure knowing you.”


Lorraine T.

Dear Ms. Wickman,

I wanted to thank you for initiating a wrongful death case for my mom back in 2006. The last time I saw you was at my deposition in April 2008 right before you were leaving the law firm who recently won a settlement for my dad. It has been a long few years and very difficult for us as a family to have gone through this but I feel some vindication for my mom dying a very sad painful unnecessary death. She liked you very much when she met you and always said you reminded her of her granddaughter (my daughter) Jessica and that you were very pretty and very sweet and that is why she wanted you to take the case. Again, I just wanted to thank you for all you did to advise us and guide us through some very difficult confusing times. Our family will always remember you and keep you in our prayers, we will be forever grateful for your help and support. We wish you much success in your new law firm and in your career.”


Lisa B.