When you walk with Ms. Wickman, you never walk alone.


“My Dear Mrs. Wickman,

I need to thank you for the exceptionally wonderful work you did in helping me to receive a settlement, for wrongful surgical negligence by my doctor. The time I spent with you in court, is filled with pure admiration and respect, the way you presented my case to the court. It was genuine, sincere, filled with concern for your client. I can’t (neither can my family) ever forget your kindness and the FIRE you have in you to make things right for your clients when they’ve been wronged.

Every client should feel as comfortable and trustworthy of their lawyer as I feel about you. I truly appreciated that in you. You showed kindness, personal interest in me, my family, my life, my beliefs. May the Almighty God Jehovah bless you and protect you always, and may you continue to fight for people like me. It certainly is a pleasure knowing you.”


Lorraine T.