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A serious injury or illness can significantly impact your life, which is why it is vital to get positive results from your case. The outcome might enable you to get medical treatment, provide for your family or achieve other goals.

Law Office of Victoria Wickman has achieved meaningful results for its clients across a wide range of personal injury cases. Below are some examples of the firm’s successful recoveries for clients.*

Estate of Doe v. Urgent Care and Hospital

17 year old boy had a five day history of a fever and sore throat. On May 11, 2018 he presented to urgent care with no fever but an elevated heart rate. It was assumed his elevated heart rate… Explore More.

Quintero v. Holm

The decedent presented to OB/GYN Dr. Holm complaining of post menopausal bleeding. The doctor appropriately scheduled her for an endometrial biopsy that was normal. The record indicated that the decedent… Explore More.

Plaintiff v. Hospital And OBGYN

The infant plaintiff complained of abdominal pain and was brought to her local ED. Thinking appendicitis, a CT scan was performed that showed an 8cm complex right ovarian cyst. An ultrasound… Explore More.

Plaintiff v. OBGYN

A 70 year old woman went in for a hysterectomy for suspected endometrial cancer. During the procedure her distal ureter was sutured and not recognized. As a result of the delay in diagnosis, she… Explore More.

$1,000,000 Jury Verdict

Justice was served for our client’s family. Plaintiff’s verdict reached in Richmond County medical malpractice suit, for doctor’s failure to diagnose Fallopian tube cancer case. Fallopian tube cancer is an extremely rare… Explore More.

Failure To Report Stage 1 Cancer

Plaintiff claimed that the 16-month delay allowed her disease to progress from Stage IA to Stage IC grade II mucinous ovarian cancer with lymphovascular invasion. She further claimed that the delay decreased her chance of cure from 92.7% to 84.7%… Explore More.

Settlement Reached For Failure To Diagnose Leukemia

Plaintiffs claim that Elmhurst Hospital failed to diagnose what was causing the decedent’s symptoms during his visits there from November 2006 through February 2008. The decedent decided to seek medical treatment in his home country of Ecuador… Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Sepsis

The plaintiff, then 40, who had undergone a laser hemorrhoidectomy that was performed by the defendant colo-rectal surgeon, contended that when he informed the physician two days after the outpatient procedure, that he had developed a fever…Explore More.

Failure To Investigate The Cause Of Internal Bleeding

The plaintiff, who underwent a panniculectomy to remove excess skin following gastric bypass surgery, contended that the defendant vascular surgeon negligently failed to achieve hemostasis in the surgery and that signs, including severely diminished hemoglobin and hematocrit counts, dictated that the defendant vascular surgeon perform additional surgery to ascertain the cause before discharging her…Explore More.

Failure To Perform Emergency Surgery

This death action involved a 54-year-old patient who was a transit worker and the married father of three who visited the emergency room of a nondefendant hospital with a history of back pain of approximately one month duration as well as decreased urinary output, weakness and fatigue of several days’ duration…Explore More.

Failure To Recognize Intraoperative Injury

The plaintiff, a 54-year-old court clerk, underwent a subtotal abdominal hysterectomy performed by her OB-GYN. Intraoperatively, the physician placed a suture around her left ureter thereby strangling it. Despite this injury being a known complication, the physician did not recognize that he did so, nor did he check that the ureter was free from injury prior to ending the surgery…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Stage 1 Cancer

Plaintiff, a 65-year-old secretary, underwent a mammogram on February 10, 2005. As a result of that mammogram, an ultrasound was performed on the same day. The result of the mammogram was negligently reported as benign. Those results were faxed to the plaintiff’s primary care physician… Explore More.

Improper Injection

Plaintiff, 40-year-old Jamaican immigrant, visited his mother in New York. While here, he developed a sickle cell crisis. He was taken to Kings County Hospital where a nurse administered an injection of morphine into the inner lower quadrant of his buttock. He immediately screamed and reported a burning painful sensation down his right leg…Explore More.

Settlement Reached For Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

The decedent’s unidentified 1 cm mass advanced to stage IV metastatic cancer. In Aug. 2005, the decedent succumbed to bladder cancer. The decedent’s wife, as the administratrix of the Estate of the decedent, sought the recovery of damages for the loss of services from the work that the decedent would have done at her home and a loss of economic support as the decedent’s pension and disability benefit stopped when he had expired…Explore More.

Failure To Confirm Passage Of Kidney Stone

This medical malpractice action involved a plaintiff in her mid-60s who had a lithotripsy procedure for a kidney stone. Following the procedure performed by the defendant urologist, the plaintiff was given a strainer to catch the passing of any stones. She presented to the defendant with grains of a stone that did not equal the size of the stone present on the CT scan prior to the procedure…Explore More.

Home Attendant Negligence

This case involved a 69-year-old patient in whose apartment the defendant’s home health attendant was working. The patient had a history of severe arthritis, and the plaintiff contended that although the hot water bottle was clearly labeled as being appropriate for tap water only, the defendant’s employee negligently filled it with boiling water and had the patient lean back against it…Explore More.

Surgical Negligence

$1 Million RECOVERY
This medical malpractice action involved a plaintiff in her mid-50s who underwent a vaginal hysterectomy that was performed by the defendant OB-GYN at the defendant hospital. The plaintiff contended that OB-GYN negligently sutured both ureters closed during the repair of the bladder tear…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Prostate Cancer

This medical malpractice action involved a plaintiff in his mid-50s who underwent routine PSA testing in May 2013. The PSA was found to be elevated at 8.2, which requires further investigation. The physician read the report and noted on the labs were “very good.” In June 2014 he went to another physician who ordered his PSA. At that time, his PSA was 14. He was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer yielding a Gleason score of 9 with invasion into the seminal vesicle and extraprostatic extension…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer

This medical malpractice action involved a plaintiff in her mid-60s who underwent routine mammograms at a local radiology facility from 2009 through 2012. The plaintiff contended that the radiologist negligently failed to see and document suspicious breast calcifications…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Congenital Heart Defect In Utero

This medical malpractice action involved a plaintiff who underwent a routine fetal anatomy scan that was done at 24 weeks of pregnancy. The imaging captured of the heart never checked for outflow tracts and required the patient to come back for additional imaging. Rather, the defendant negligently issued a sonogram report stating that the fetal heart was normal…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Male Breast Cancer

This case involved a plaintiff who had been a patient of the defendant family practice for many years undergoing routine physical exams every approximate six months. Plaintiff contended that the initial defendant, who had been his physician until going to a different practice negligently failed to investigate and ignored the sign of a unilaterally inverted left nipple – a red flag for breast cancer…Explore More.

Motor Vehicle Accident

This motor vehicle accident involved an 18-year-old freshman who was crossing the intersection of Water Street and Fulton Street at approximately midnight when she was struck by a Black Chevy Suburban limousine. The plaintiff maintained that she had the green light, looked both ways and did not see the vehicle as it was approaching prior to being struck…Explore More.

Improper Management Of Labor And Delivery

This medical malpractice action involved a plaintiff who presented to the defendant OB-GYN for her pregnancy. During the labor and delivery, the infant’s shoulder became lodged behind the mother’s pubic symphysis bone – an obstetrical emergency known as shoulder dystocia…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Colon Cancer

This medical malpractice action involved the plaintiff’s decedent, an immigrant, married father of one teenage daughter, who presented to a physician assistant complaining of mid-epigastric pain and bloating since 2010. Plaintiff contended that the complaints were ignored for about one year…Explore More.

Failure To Suction Temporarily Paralyzed Patient

This medical malpractice action involved the plaintiff’s decedent, a retired married father of four, who contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome – a temporary paralyzing condition. The decedent was paralyzed from the shoulders down but was conscious, alert and able to express his needs. After responding well to IVIG treatments as an inpatient at a local hospital, he was transferred to the defendant rehabilitation specialty hospital for continued therapy in July 2015…Explore More.

Failure To Recognize Bowel Perforation Following Colonoscopy

This medical malpractice arose following the plaintiff’s colonoscopy. Plaintiff, a woman in her early 70s, underwent a routine colonoscopy. Following the procedure, she had complained of severe abdominal pain. She was instructed by her physician to go home and have a cup of coffee. She followed her physician’s advice…Explore More.

Negligent Administration

his was a medical malpractice action involving a plaintiff who had an x-ray study that used contrast material done by the defendant radiologist as part of the pre-op workup before planned surgery to repair a rectocele. The plaintiff contended that when she had an apparent anaphylactic reaction to the contrast material, the defendant radiologist negligently responded by administering 10 times the proper dosage of epinephrine and negligently administered it IV instead of IM…Explore More.

Failure To Diagnose Appendicitis

This medical malpractice action involved the infant plaintiff presenting to the defendant’s emergency room in July 2014 complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting. A CT scan was performed and interpreted as normal. The infant plaintiff was discharged with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis… Explore More.

Negligent Administration of Medicine

$440,000 Medical Malpractice RECOVERY – Negligent administration of excessive IV epinephrine when a patient suffers an anaphylactic reaction to contrast material during preop X-ray – Cardiac arrest – Defendant contends cardiac injury resolves after five-day hospitalization – Plaintiff contends need for daily Coreg for the remainder of her life constitutes permanent injury – PTSD – Initial diagnostic testing performed in preparation for rectocele repair surgery – Need to delay surgery for 10 months…Explore More.

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